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03 huhtikuu 2009 @ 01:19

just making sure the legacy lives on somehow.
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08 lokakuu 2007 @ 18:25
I miss you guys in ways I can't explain or put to words properly, and every time I try I sound like a dumbfuck. "These are my favourite people in the universe, I love them like no one else!" And then I get lesbian jokes and shit.

I had a huge paint fight for an Art Club video with Gaby and some friends today; you'd have enjoyed it. We took these fat tempera paint bottles, painted a unibrow on the Mona Lisa, then flung handfuls of paint at each other and I was used as a human canvas because of my shapely legs.

Let's do some stuff together, please. I need it. Sometime before Christmas. Think, Halloween?

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10 tammikuu 2007 @ 17:06
I'm really bored at work. The company gave me a beach chair for my birthday. It's really fancy. It even has TWO cup holders. Yeah, I know. Life doesn't get better than this.

So what should I do with it? It's finally gotten too cold to go to the beach, so that's out of the question. But I am just dying to try it out. DYING.
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20 elokuu 2006 @ 12:57
So the general consensus of everyone at Taravella is that Junior Year will be the epitome of suck.

How's things at the Glades and Spanish River end?
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22 kesäkuu 2006 @ 20:26
So like 90% of the entries on the first page of this community have something to do with it being dead and/or a half-assed attempt at revival.

Come on guys, Two Dead Trees has to live on foreverrrrrrrrrr! We can't just let it die like this! IT'S OUR LEGACY!!
Mieliala: dissapointed
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11 toukokuu 2006 @ 21:04
hay guyz sup
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02 joulukuu 2005 @ 00:16
Yay for Way of the Groove playing in New York! :DD
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Musiikki: Gorillaz - Last Living Souls
12 lokakuu 2005 @ 19:28
Who thinks we should record the "i have a cane and i'm not afraid to use it" song...and like...make it into a real song with guitars, etc. Does anyone have GarageBand?
17 elokuu 2005 @ 17:40

Keep Saturday, August 27th open, because that's gonna be our beach day.

We're gonna go to Spanish River park, because no one ever goes to the beach there. Bring food and stuff, we'll probably be there all day.

And now here's Pedobear:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Musiikki: FAKE? - UTOPIA
17 heinäkuu 2005 @ 17:38
I totally found the awesome sitcom Alex and I wrote in St. Augustine. Here it is, word for word.


Setting: Texas
Characters: Guy- main character
Richard Schvons- Rock-like business dude that is gay and marries Guy's ex-wife
Tory- Guy's ex-wife
Scott- hot son
Brittany Christina- daughter
Dennis Leary- next-door neighbor
Asher Nalport- Dick's boyfriend

Plot: Guy and Tory were married, they got divorced. Tory married a no-personality business man, Richard. It is a sham marriage. He is actually gay. His boy friend is Asher, a flamboyant 25-year-old who is also in it for the money. One day Tory got drunk and set fiyah to Guy's house. So now he lives with Richard and Tory in their attic. Tory and Guy have children, Scott and Brittany-Christina. Scott is a hot, angsting, cigarette addicted fifteen-year-old. He is bisexual. Brittany-Christina is super-happ.

Whatever happened to us finishing that? XD Or that one diary novel about prison sex. Man, so many great ideas and they're all going nowhere.

Oh, and this is the alternate casting Alex and I made for the Harry Potter movies.

Harry- Colin Farell
Ron- Carrot Top
Hermione- Julia Roberts/Sandra Bullock (they ARE the same person)
Draco- Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Dumbledore- Colin Farell
Fred- Ben Affleck
George- Matt Damon
Percy- Brad Pitt
Bill- Jon Bon Jovi
Mr. Weasley- Colin Farell
Mrs. Weasley- Anna Nicole Smith
Sirius- Johnny Depp
Lupin- Ewan McGregor
Uncle Vernon- Fabio
Aunt Petunia- Calista Flockhart
Dudley- Colin Farell
Cho- Lucy Liu
Voldemort- Gary Coleman
Oliver Wood- Tom Cruise
Snape- Pink Panther

It is obviously superior to the real one.
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