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01 heinäkuu 2005 @ 01:14
I was just looking at the info page of this community... and Anita's picture was taken in Waldenbooks when it had its old layout (with the manga in the back? Remember?). That's straight up old school, yo.
Mieliala: nostalgicnostalgic
Musiikki: The theme for ER
01 kesäkuu 2005 @ 15:22
Happy Birthday Lucy!

This is for you.

Edit: and this too.

Mieliala: cheerfulcheerful
Musiikki: Daft Punk - Superheroes
21 toukokuu 2005 @ 01:44
This is a sad attempt to revive the community.

Rachel's party is tomorrow! Be there or be some sort of non-circular shape.
Mieliala: awake
Musiikki: FAKE? - Pulse (English)
05 huhtikuu 2005 @ 20:31
who wants to do something on the weekend

sin city looks like the sex
08 helmikuu 2005 @ 20:36
Hay sup dead community.

Here's something to liven things up.
Mieliala: disturbed/amused/holyshitwtf
Musiikki: Polysics - Kaja Kaja Goo
05 tammikuu 2005 @ 02:05
Yes, the community does need to resurface.
There. That ought to get the ball rolling.
Mieliala: determined
Musiikki: A Ceramic Reindeer- Jingle Bells
03 tammikuu 2005 @ 15:10
Mieliala: boredbored
Musiikki: Dismemberment Plan - The Face of the Earth
17 marraskuu 2004 @ 20:01
Heh. My math teacher's an idiot. A PMS-tic idiot. A bunch of us band kids went on a field trip during her class on Monday, but the office ladies registered it as an unexcused. So we talked to Mrs. Carpiniello about it, and she's like "OMG WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ABOUT THIS?! IT IS THE RECEPTIONISTS' JOB, NOT MINE! STOP TELLING ME THAT IT'S MY JOB! STOP! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"
Well, not quite, but still. So now I have an unexcused absence in her class... =\
Crazy math teachers...
Mieliala: Procrastinate-esque
Musiikki: Nothing... =(
08 marraskuu 2004 @ 12:16
i'm in math class right now, and we're supposed to be doing some dumb thing